Just as the life of Michiel de Ruyter, the greatest naval hero The Netherlands has ever known, the person William of Orange asks for an epic film.
The team behind Michiel de Ruyter has been engaged in the developement of the screenplay of William of Orange for years. The film is scheduled for 2016.

William of Orange is the story about a leader who was able to unite a nation for the first time and he made them feel proud about being ‘Dutch’.
Eventueally, his big triumph against the Spanish hit into a disappointment when the internal conflicts led to a split of the 17 provinces. Willems ideals of a united Netherlands were destroyed and the birth of the Netherlands was his greatest defeat.
William of Orange was revered as a hero, but he died as a broken man.

From 1575-1582 he lived with his great love Charlotte de Bourbon. Together they had six children. After her death he had a child of his fourth wide Louise de Coligny. With Eva Elincx he got a son a child out of wedlock.